Winnie The Pooh Wednesday Wisdom. In our daily hustle and bustle in this hyperpaced environment we all share, we more often than not overlook the small things. These seemingly small things are the things that really matter. The ones that nestle in our hearts and sometimes take up so much room that it hurts.
Like my 20-year old son who every single day faithfully tells me, with no prompting: mama, ik houd van je (I love you). Or laying his head on my shoulder. Or the feel of my 4-year old nephew’s hand in mine. Telling me he loves me. My 4-year old nephew squeezing the air out of me. Witnessing my 1-year old nephew walk for the first time. I know, I have a lot of nephews?
Or my client telling me that because of the insights I gave her, her story finally makes sense. She now has a story to tell. Not just any story but a story of the origin of her values. This is the reason why I encourage my clients to collect these small (relationship) yet endless and priceless storyworthy moments. They fill our hearts with a great sense of gratitude, happiness, meaning, belonging and love.
Enjoy your small things! Remember your small things!
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