I was looking for a job for quite a while. Even though I knew I was good in what I do, I could not translate it to a proper motivation letter and as a result, I was not called back for interviews. It was frustrating. When I met Waheeda my life changed. It might sound cheesy but that is how it really was.

With just telling a few stories about myself, she helped me discovered who I was and which forces are really driving me forward – it was a real wow moment! It was a process I could never do myself and I needed Waheeda to clear that path of thought with me.

She helped me improve my motivation letter from boring to something worth sending (even did final changes very late at night), pimped my LinkedIn profile and guided me how to prepare for an interview well. And it all worked, a month and a half after our first meeting, I already had a new job!

I cannot thank her enough. With her clear guidance and friendliness, the sessions with her were confronting and yet very warm, open and valuable. Each person needs a coach like Waheeda, you’ll never know what you will find out about yourself!

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