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You’re in the right place! Even though you seem to have all signs of success for the outside world; a job, your own business, a house, a family, …  you wonder: “is this it?”


Something is wrong. In your work, your relationship, your story, your company, your brand, your life … But what?

This feeling evolves around the concepts of freedom, impact and wholeness. The hardworking, courageous person who comes knocking at my door knows this feeling like no other. I know this feeling like no other.


My purpose?

Helping you – professional (in)formal leader, business owner –  in life and work, regardless of context, free yourself from barriers, make the impact you want to make, tell the story you want to tell and be whole. Graspin who you are (essence) and what your story is (presence). You know what your next step is and your new story.

You make conscious choices with the right mindset. You live by your core values. You are closer to your authenticity, natural leadership and meaning. Your doing  is aligned with your being. 

Especially for you, I founded Impact Stories and developed online and offline coaching and storytelling programmes (blended coaching) that I offer in an online academy Your Impact Story Brainery.



I am Waheeda

 Business, Career, Leadership Coach  and…

Expert in making conscious choices, reinventing myself and changing my mindset. For example: exchanging the false security of a high-ranking job for the uncertainty of  an entrpereneurial existance. Making choices that allow me to lead in my own life. That is what freedom and wholeness mean to me

Certified Chief Storyteller, StoryTailor, Speaker and…

Expert, with an infinite  love for storytelling,  and for teaching others to harvest the pearls in their stories. And, telling these stories in their own words, their own authentic way and their own rhythm. No bullshit-story about “superheroes” or grabbing the spotlight or even best versions of you, What I am going to tell you? Take a look the links beneath.




Helping you to make conscious choices in life and work, regardless of context. Taking you closer to your authenticity, leadership and credibility.  Unique choices paired with a unique sound. This is at the base of meaning and a state of happiness. Rise up and embrace who you are and tell your true story. Align your doing with your being. 



I see a world in which you and I share our real stories in a personal and professional context, making conscious choices and manifesting as wholehearted human beings ourselves. Listening to each other judiciously and making collective stories. Mastering the power and art to value our stories and to get rid of shame and embarrassment. Wholeheartedness instead of half-heartedness



The core values  wholeness, creativity and meaning make up the backbone of Impact Stories and I. That means: aligning my doing with my being. With entrepreneurship, the creativity and open-mindedness of a child. The conviction that everything can be solved and wanting to get everything out of life that can be achieved. Living a creative life with gratitude for imperfections. With an eye for the hardness of results and the softness of people. Approaching the world with my real story and not my polished story.