Personal stories add professional value.

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You and I

work in hypercomplex, hyperachieving environments in a market that is evolving at lightning speed where change is the ever-present constant.

In this hyperpaced market, you pave your way as a person and as a high-performance professional, expert or entrepreneur. You go along with everything even though you occasionally feel restrained.


  • You no longer know why you do what you do.
  • You feel uneasy or trapped.
  • You have no clue as to what your next step should be.
  • You are about to lose your job.
  • Or you roll from one position or assignment into the other without knowing why…

We start with your stories! Back to your essence. Because under every question, dilemma or struggle, lurks a story that brings depth and meaning to your context. No clichés about the “best version of yourself”, “standing in the spotlight” or releasing your “superhero” but instead, honoring the raw essence in your raw stories and being your own hero.

You learn how you:

Grab attention

with essence. By knowing who you are, what you stand for and what you want to fight for. You learn how to wear this and be a credible, confident and captivating speaker that makes an authentic impact.

Are the master

of your presence by finding, embracing and understanding your personal and business story: What impact do you make? What are your dragons? Your unspoken desires? What is holding you back? – and telling and translating this into a powerful, professional presence.

Bring across ideas

by unraveling it, bringing it back to the core of its origin and communicating with clarity. You understand why something ever started and, more importantly, others get it too.

The hero’s journey is inside of you: tear off the veils and open the mystery of your self.

Joseph Campbell – Author of the hero with a thousand faces


Your struggles add strength to your professional story!



Master Story Tailor, Sr. (Career) Coach & Speaker


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